Exposing "Exposing Islam" - or how "Red White and Blue" just give you an unhealthy "Gammon Pink"

There are plenty of xenophobic liars out there only too happy to fabricate false news stories to further their extremist agenda. redwhiteandblueweb.wordpress.com are no exception. This particular story has started doing the rounds, however as always the true story can be found with just a few minutes' research.

The lie:-
This Islamic Child Bride Is 11 Years Old And Pregnant.
The truth:-
This Afghani child is 8 years old and suffering from Thalassemia.

Here's a screenshot from the extremist page, with a sensationalist headline that followers of paedophile apologist Stephen Yaxley-Lennon will be only too happy to share.

However the folks at teyit.org have discovered the truth behind the story.
Original article here
Translated article here

A better translation is below:-

Child in photo taken in Afghanistan thalassemia patient not pregnant

In the photo that was shared on social media and sent to notification.org as a report, she was claimed to be pregnant after rape. On 7 February 2019, the image was shared by approximately 7 thousand people from a page named "Questioning Human" Facebook and 785 people "liked" the image.

However, it is not true that the child in the photograph is pregnant. Roya Jan, the daughter of Afghanistan, is 8 years old. A child with thalassemia had swelling in her abdomen due to growth in her spleen. The photo was taken by Roya's doctor in Afghanistan, Merwais Azizyar, on January 9, 2019 at Abu Ali Sina Hospital in Mazar e Sharif.

According to Teyit.org's phone conversation with Roya Jan's doctor, Merwais Azizyar, Roya is 8-year-old and for about 5 years, in 2-month intervals, the hospital is going to take the blood to Abu Ali Sina Hospital. Merwais Azizyar said that Roya was suffering from thalassemia and that this diagnosis was made five years ago. Thalassemia, also known as Mediterranean anemia, is an inherited blood disease. Symptoms of the disease include liver and spleen growth. More detailed information about thalassemia can be found on the Turkish Hematology Society 's website. Roya's liver weight has passed 5 kilograms has passed and growth in the spleen, he said.

Campaign launched for the treatment of Roya Jan
Roya Jan's liver and spleen should be operated on but is a risky surgery. Dr Azizyar said they could not find someone who agreed to do this surgery. The family does not have the money to fund Roya's treatment in another country so a charity campaign was launched for Roya.

Doctor Azizyar said that about $2,000 was donated to the campaign and he was able to send Roya to Iran for treatment. In Iran Masshad Roya's liver was operated in Sheikh Hospital, a portion of the whole spleen was removed. Roya and her family are still in Iran. It is also possible to see the photo of the family in the hospital in Iran before the operation.

Roya Jan's surgery was successful
Sharing the photo taken by Roya Jan after his operation in Iran, Dr Merwais said that Roya is in good health.

Similar claims have already spread
A similar claim can be seen in the analysis published on December 24, 2018, confirmed.org . A 9-year-old girl in Afghanistan is said to be pregnant, but the girl is not pregnant, marasmus patient. Earlier it was also reported that a 11-year-old girl living in Bolu was pregnant. An analysis published on 9 January 2019 indicated that the child had liver disease.

As a result, it is not true that the child in the photograph was raped and pregnant. Roya Jan, who lives in Afghanistan, is 8 years old. A child with thalassemia has a swelling of the abdomen because of growth in the spleen and liver. The alleged photo was taken at the Abu Ali Sina Hospital, on January 9, 2019, by the child's doctor Merwais Azizyar.

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pae-DL! The child abusers at the heart of Britain's far right

Bradley Daniel Alford Kristopher Allan Luke Atkinson Alan Boulter John Broomfield Michael Coates Bruce John Cordwell Michael Cowen Allan Malcolm Dyche Alan Thomas Ellis Robert Ewing Ryan Fleming Darren Francis Christopher Gamlin Martyn Gilleard Peter Gillett Nigel Hesmondhalgh Dale Hewitt Ian Richard Hindle Kane Hutchinson Ryan Johnson Eliot Jones Mervyn Jones Shaun Jones Gerard Kendrick Michael Kinnear Gavin Leist Vincent Matthews Leigh McMillan Michael McQueenie John Merritt Brett Moses Stephen Payne Liam Pinkham Richard Price Jack Renshaw Andrew Rogers Michael Roles Roderick Malcolm Rowley Mark Ryley Ian Siree Archie Sleman James Andrew Swindlehurst Carl Tofts Trevor Vinson Andrew Paul Wells Paul Whiteside Matthew Woodward

Filthy-rotten paedophiles and far-right politics, it seems, go hand in hand. Dozens of convicted child sex offenders have links to radical extremist groups such as the English Defence League, British National Party and Britain First.  The rot goes right to the core of the EDL, with one of their founder members a convicted paedophile, although various other offshoots and rival organisations appear to also have their fair share of offenders making up a disturbing proportion of their membership.

Quiz any members of these organisations, however, and they'll often brush it off with a comment such as "that it?" or launch into a tirade of "whataboutery", pointing at other examples of paedophile cases which suggests that a certain level of depravity amongst their fellow members seems somehow acceptable to them.

It seems that what the far-right lack in sense, they make up for in nonce.

Names sourced from the excellent Malatesta's Blog and Far Right Criminals sites, plus more from my own research.

Name Bradley Daniel ALFORD
Organisation English Defence League
Conviction Possession of indecent photos of children, attempting to meet a child, inciting a child to send sexual images and inciting a child to engage in sexual intercourse
Victim Age 10-15
Sentence 6 years in Young Offenders Institute
News Article Bristol Post
Following his arrest in a stabbing incident, police examined Alford's phone and found images of young, naked girls, evidence of visiting kiddie porn sites and incitements to engage girls as young as 10 in sexual activity. As a result police set up a "sting" operation which Alford fell for hook, line and sinker, attempting to groom who he thought was a 13-year-old girl.

Name Kristopher ALLAN
Organisation Scottish Defence League
Conviction Sending indecent messages/photos and having sexual contact
Victim Age 13
Sentence 2 years probation, 2 years on Sex Offenders Register
News Article Daily Record
Allan is reported to have chanted "Allah is a paedo" at far-right rallies, but it turns out to have been a "verbal typo". What he should've been chanting is "Allan is a paedo" following his conviction for abuse of a 13 year old girl in 2006.

Name Luke Anthony ATKINSON
Organisations English Defence League
Conviction Inciting sexual activity with a child, possessing indecent images of children
Victim Age 13-16
Sentence 4 years and 8 months imprisonment, life on Sex Offenders Register
News Article NottinghamshireLive
Atkinson contacted his victims on social media and encouraged them to send him graphic images and videos of themselves. Then, when the girls decided that they didn't want to send any more pictures of themselves, he threatened and blackmailed them by saying he would post the pictures he already had online unless they sent more.

Organisation English Defence League
Conviction Grooming
Victim Age 13
Sentence 20 months imprisonment, 10 years on Sex Offenders Register, 10 years Sexual Harm Prevention Order
News Article The Lincolnite
Boulter thought he was meeting a 13-year-old for sex, only to be confronted by paedophile hunters who streamed the sting live on Facebook.

Organisations English Defence League, Britain First, British Freedom
Conviction Making indecent images of children
Victim Age Various (including babies)
Sentence 6 months imprisonment, 7 years on Sex Offenders Register
News Article Dorset Echo
Not content with allegedly plotting to bomb a mosque, Dorset EDL head Broomfield decided to make indecent images of babies and young children in an attempt to frame his partner's ex boyfriend. Had police not found the images on computers seized as a result of the earlier terror plot, his paedophile plan may have succeeded and put an innocent man not just in prison but on the nonce wing.

Name Michael COATES (a.k.a. Mickey Blue Eyes)
Organisation North West Infidels
Conviction 8 indecent assault, 2 attempted rape
Victim Age Teenage
Sentence 6 years imprisonment, Sex Offenders Register for life
News Article Telegraph and Argus
After forcing his first victim to drop her allegations by claiming he'd also been abused as a child, Coates' crime (and lies) were exposed when a second victim came forward.

Name Bruce John CORDWELL
Organisation English Defence League
Conviction Grooming
Victim Age 15
Sentence 3 years 7 months detention
News Article Daily Record
Cordwell bombarded his victim with messages and obscene pictures, his offences coming to light after police investigated her murder at the hands of another paedophile.

Name Michael COWEN
Organisation National Front
Conviction Possession of 17,058 indecent images and 215 indecent videos of children
Victim Age Various
Sentence 3 years imprisonment
News Article Chronicle Live
Child "enthusiast" Cowen was caught after police intercepted Blood and Honour CDs and other material being delivered to his house and found his computer to be filled with almost twenty thousand images and videos of child porn. He has an 8 8 tattoo, presumably when asked the age of his ideal sexual partner he just points at one of the digits.

Name Allan Malcolm DYCHE
Organisation Various
Conviction 18 offences including rape
Victim Age Not yet known
Sentence 23 years' imprisonment
News Article Daily Post
Wales Online
Sick child molester Allan Malcolm Dyche kept a "memory box" full of sick mementos of his offending hidden in a bedside drawer.
Depraved Dyche has been identified as active on the following Facebook pages (plus no doubt others already shut down due to their extreme and illegal content):-
I Am Proud To Be British
British Voice
Stop the islamization of the USA Pegida USA
World Defence League
Exposing islam
Ban Islam & Shariah Law
English and Proud
Plus of course the usual ones which go hand-in-hand with the above, namely Leave.EU, Leave Means Leave, etc.

Name Alan Thomas ELLIS
Organisation English Defence League
Conviction Sending texts of a sexual nature to an underage girl
Victim Age 14
Sentence 18 month community order with supervision
News Article The Leader
Former "Get Hooked On Fishing" youth worker and Deeside EDL member Ellis landed in the dock after his attempts at grooming an underage girl by text were brought to the attention of Social Services.

Name Robert EWING
Organisation British National Party, English Defence League
Conviction Murder
Victim Age 15
Sentence 33 years imprisonment
News Article The Guardian
Self-confessed neo-Nazi extremist Ewing served a 12-month prison sentence in 1995 for gross indecency with a 13-year-old girl. Clearly prison didn't rehabilitate him as he went on to abuse Paige Chivers, a vulnerable 15 year old girl, then murder her when she threatened to tell the authorities.

Name Ryan James FLEMING
Organisation National Action
Conviction Sexual activity with a child
Victim Age 14
Sentence 3 years imprisonment, already spending 10 years on Sex Offenders Register
News Article Telegraph and Argus
Another serial offender, kiddie fiddler Fleming was previously convicted in 2012 of the false imprisonment and sexually assault of a 17 year old boy with special needs. In 2016 he was back in the dock, this time after having sex with a 14-year-old girl.

Name Darren FRANCIS
Organisation British National Party
Conviction Sexual activity with a child
Victim Age 13
Sentence 4 years and 3 months imprisonment
News Article Northampton Chronicle
Not content with affray, assault, burglary, harassment and robbery, drug-user Darren added paedophilia to his CV (criminalibus vitae) in July 2010, having a sexual relationship with a 13 year old girl when he was 20 years older than her and earning a lengthy prison sentence as a result.

Name Christopher John GAMLIN
Organisation Britain First
Conviction Grooming and attempting to incite a child to engage in sexual activity
Victim Age 13
Sentence 21 months' imprisonment, 10-year Sexual Harm Prevention Order
News Article International Business Times
Wales Online
Wales Online
This fat, earless seal of a nonce was caught by online vigilantes attempting to seduce a 13 year old girl, having previously been cautioned for making indecent images of a child. The Far-Right Criminals blog subsequently exposed his predilection for the far-right as well as the far-too-young.

Name Martyn GILLEARD
Organisation National Front
Conviction Preparing for terrorist acts plus possession of 39,000 indecent images of children
Victim Age Various
Sentence 16 years (including 12 months for the child pornography images
News Article Reuters
Neo-Nazi nonce Gilleard was sentenced in 2008 to 16 years behind bars for making bombs, possessing live ammunition and possession of THIRTY NINE THOUSAND indecent images of children.

Name Peter GILLETT
Organisation English Defence League
Conviction Multiple counts of rape, indecent assault, gross indecency and child cruelty
Victim Age 8-15
Sentence 18 years
News Article Dorset Eye, Sussex Police
A popular speaker at EDL events, serial groomer Gillett was jailed for EIGHTEEN years for a catalogue of sexual abuse against two young girls and a young boy.

Organisation British National Party
Conviction Possession of child pornography
Victim Age Various
Sentence 9 months' imprisonment, 10 years on Sex Offenders Register
News Article Lancashire Telegraph
Rat-faced racist and convicted neighbour-from-Hell, Hesmondhalgh got another spell inside in 2011 after police found 29 indecent images of chidren and 11 videos on his computer, which had been seized not even a fortnight after he'd being released from an earlier prison stretch for racially aggravated harassment.

Name Dale Peter HEWITT
Organisation English Defence League
Conviction Sexual activity with a child
Victim Age 13-14
Sentence 10 years' imprisonment
News Article Plymouth Herald
Hewitt was jailed for ten years for a string of sex offences against two young girls, many committed after he plied his victims with drugs. He received a further sentence after contacting one of his victims while he was in prison.

Name Ian Richard HINDLE
Organisation British National Party
Conviction Sexual activity with a child
Victim Age 14
Sentence 3 years' imprisonment
News Article Lancashire Telegraph
Together with fellow BNP member Andrew Wells (see below), Hindle was sentenced in 2008 for having sex with a 14 year old girl after her mother found out. He was back in the dock again in 2016 after assaulting his (legal this time) teenage girlfriend.
Not to be confused with Ian Warren Hindle, a different child sex offender who's around a decade younger and from Blackpool, not Blackburn.

Organisation English Defence League
Conviction Sexual assault, inciting underage sexual activity online
Victim Age 13 and 14
Sentence 3 + 4 years' imprisonment, 10 year sexual offences prevention order, Sex Offenders Register for life
News Article Chronicle Live
Football-coach-turned-child-sex-offender Hutchinson was jailed for 3 years in 2014 for molesting a 13 year old boy, then had another 4 year sentence in 2015 for inciting boys aged 13 and 14 to swap intimate pictures and perform sexual activity online.

Name Ryan Barry JOHNSON
Organisation English Defence League
Conviction Sexual activity with a child
Victim Age 15
Sentence 30 months' imprisonment, indefinite sexual offences prevention order, Sex Offenders Register for life
News Article Liverpool Echo, Runcorn and Widnes World
A regular to the courts (usually for violence), Johnson this time was sent down for four counts of sexual activity with an underage girl.

Name Eliot JONES (a.k.a. Elliot Jones)
Organisation English Defence League
Conviction Attempting to incite a child into sexual activity
Victim Age Unknown
Sentence Unknown
News Article Romford Recorder
One half of banged-up blackmailing duo "The Paedophile Squad", Jones turned out to be one himself, being convicted in June 2015 for an offence he committed in October 2013.

Name Merfyn JONES (a.k.a. Mervyn Jones)
Organisation North West Alliance, Combined ex-Forces
Conviction 6 rapes, 1 attempted rape, 6 indecent assaults
Victim Age Various (teenage)
Sentence 17 years' imprisonment, Sex Offenders Register for life
News Article Deeside dot com
Jones was convicted in 2015 of over a dozen sex offences against four teenage girls dating back to the 1990s.
Deciding she wanted to stand by her "man", his wife Anne was later fined £800 after revealing the names of Jones' victims on social media on the day he was sentenced.

Name Shaun JONES
Organisation Scouse Nationalists
Conviction Rape
Victim Age 12
Sentence 9 years imprisonment, indefinite ban on associating with children or changing his name
News Article Liverpool Echo
A "racial comrade" of Liam Pinkham (see below), army cadet sergeant Jones was convicted of grooming, exploiting and raping a vulnerable 12-year-old schoolgirl, and given a nine-year sentence as a result.

Name Gerard KENDRICK
Organisations Various
Conviction 16 sex offences including including rape, attempted rape, sexual assault, indecent assault and making and distributing indecent photos of children
Victim Age 6-12
Sentence 18 years imprisonment
News Article BBC
Capital FM
Liverpool Echo
Liverpool Echo
Kendrick raped and molested six children over two decades, forcing some of his victims to wear nappies while carrying out his attacks. He was caught after police seized indecent images from a known sex offender and found pictures of Kendrick raping a boy.

Name Michael KINNEAR
Organisations English Defence League, British National Party
Conviction Sexual activity with a child, possession and distribution of indecent images of children, sexual exploitation of a child
Victim Age 13 + "primary school age"
Sentence 33 months imprisoment + 9 years imprisonment, 10 year Sex Offenders Prevention Order, 7 years on Sex Offenders Register
News Article Blackpool Gazette
The Guardian
After release from prison following his 2010 conviction for sexual activity with a 13-year-old girl, Kinnear soon went back to his old ways, this time targeting a girl who has only been described as "of primary school age", so 11 or under.

Name Gavin LEIST
Organisation British National Party
Conviction Possession and distribution of indecent images of children
Victim Age Under 13
Sentence 16 months' imprisonment
News Article The UK Database
The Loughborough Echo articles about Leist appear to have disappeared from their website, fortunately another site has got a copy of the details of his sordid crimes, linked above.

Name Vincent MATTHEWS
Organisation Various
Conviction Rape of a girl under the age of 13, attempted sexual assault
Victim Age Under 13
Sentence 16 years' imprisonment, 7 years on licence
News Article BBC
Following a 2007 court appearance (see here) for raping a boy (which was thrown out) UKIP and Battle for Britain supporter Matthews' sick past finally caught up with him when he pleaded guilty to raping a pre-teenage girl between 2017 and 2019.
Interestingly one of his former buddies from the DFLA (who - worryingly - coaches children at football) claims that when it comes to spotting perverts he's "got an eye for them", yet when it came to Matthews he bleated that "I worked for him years ago and would never have thought of him like that." If his first claim is true why didn't he spot him and report him sooner instead of letting him carry on? Got an eye or turning a blind one for his paedo pal?

Name Leigh McMILLAN
Organisation English Defence League
Conviction Indecent assault on a girl under the age of 14, attempted rape of a female younger than 16
Victim Age 10
Sentence 17 years' imprisonment
News Article The Independent
The Argus
McMillan, a senior member of the English Defence League, groomed his 10-year-old victim with cigarettes and drugs before subjecting her to a “spiral of sexual abuse” during the mid-1990s. He even pleaded not guilty to the offence, putting his victim through the ordeal of giving evidence and having to re-live the abuse she suffered from him.

Name Michael McQUEENIE
Organisation English Defence League
Conviction Rape and sexual assault
Victim Age 14
Sentence 12 years' imprisonment, Sex Offenders Register for life
News Article Lancashire Telegraph
Sick McQueenie, a member of Blackburn EDL raped a 14-year-old girl with learning difficulties, whose ordeal only came to an end when her father came looking for her. Had he not disturbed them who knows what McQueenie would've done to cover his tracks.

Name John Joseph MERRITT (a.k.a. Walter MERRITT)
Organisation Various
Conviction Multiple counts of rape
Victim Age 8 to 10
Sentence Eight years' imprisonment, lifetime on Sex Offenders Register
News Articles Liverpool Echo, Merseyside Police
Merseyside molester Merritt repeatedly raped two young boys when he was a teenager and going under the name "Walter", the offences only coming to the attention of the police when the boys recently came forward. His actions resulted in both of his victims turning to a life of drugs to block out the memory of what he'd done to them.
His Facebook profile shows numerous links to hard-right groups and pages. It also shows that even members of his own family were puzzled by his name change (convicted criminals - and he already had a record - are permitted to change their names by deed poll and hide from their past). The picture seen here attracted the comment "How come your called John now Uncle W?"

Name Brett MOSES
Organisation English Defence League
Conviction Sexual grooming
Victim Age 13
Sentence 12 months' imprisonment, suspended for 2 years
News Article This is Hull and East Riding
Rather than "shitting on his own doorstep" wannabe-child-molester Moses took a flight to Vancouver, Canada followed by an 11 hour bus trip to meet a 13-year-old girl he'd been grooming online, only to end up in the hands of the police at the end of it all.

Name Stephen PAYNE
Organisation Scottish Defence League
Conviction Sex with a minor
Victim Age 13
Sentence 100 hours' community service
News Article Daily Record
Paedo Payne narrowly escaped jail after grooming and having sex with a 13-year-old girl, much to the disgust of both his parents and the local MSP.

Name Liam PINKHAM (a.k.a. Pino 88)
Organisation North West Infidels, British Freedom Fighters
Admission Relationship with a minor
Victim Age 15
Sentence None
News Article Malatesta's Blog
Worthy of inclusion on the list despite not being charged, Pinkham was allegedly "booted out of the nutty grupuscule British Freedom Fighters (BFF) over an alleged relationship with an underage girl", the existence of the relationship being confirmed by the girl's equally classless mother.

Name Richard PRICE
Organisation English Defence League (founder member)
Conviction Making indecent images of children
Victim Age Various
Sentence 3 years' community supervision, 5 years on Sex Offenders Register
News Article Daily Star
Indymedia UK
"Paedo rap for EDL Leader" was the headline when Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon (a.k.a. Tommy Robinson) leapt to the defence of his paedophile pal after being jailed in 2011. Yaxley-Lennon was forced to backtrack when his fellow knuckledraggers found out about Price's previous child pornography conviction and started grunting and beating their chests about it.

Organisation British National Party, English Defence League, National Action
Conviction Four counts of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity
Victim Age 13-15
Sentence 18 months' imprisonment
News Article BBC
The Independent
The Mirror
The Times
In between plotting murders, BNP poster-boy Renshaw found time to send intimate pictures of himself to underage boys and offer £10,000 to spend the night with one of them.

Name Andrew ROGERS
Organisation Football Lads Alliance
Conviction Sexual communication with a child
Victim Age 15
Sentence 23 weeks' imprisonment, 7 years on Sex Offenders Register
News Article Liverpool Echo
Self-confessed "dirty old man" Rogers sent increasingly sexual text messages and requests for photographs to a girl 40 years younger than him, eventually leaving the girl suicidal.

Name Michael ROLES
Organisation Britain First
Conviction 15 offences including rape and attempted rape
Victim Age Under 13
Sentence 18 years' imprisonment
News Article The Lincolnite
The officer who led the investigation into Britain First fan Roles’ crimes paid tribute to his many young victims, whose evidence finally helped to bring him to justice.

Name Roderick Malcolm ROWLEY
Organisation British National Party
Conviction Making, distributing or possessing indecent images of children
Victim Age Various
Sentence 15 months' imprisonment, 10 years on Sex Offenders Register
News Article Coventry Evening Telegraph (via HighBeam Research)
SIP Trunking News
When police investigated the head of a massive paedophile network the trail of depravity led to former BNP council candidate Rowley, who in 2006 ended up with his meals provided-and-paid-for by a somewhat different part of the public sector than that he originally envisaged.

Name Mark Victor RYLEY
Organisation Britain First
Conviction Indecent assault, sexual activity with a child, assault by penetration, attempted rape
Victim Age 6 upwards
Sentence 14 years
News Article Docklands and East London Advertiser
East London and West Essex Guardian
Essex Live
Police finally caught up with predatory paedophile Ryley after a four-decade reign of abuse when three of his victims came forward.

Name Ian SIREE, a.k.a. Ian Si'ree
Organisation British National Party
Conviction Making and possessing indecent images of children
Victim Age Various
Sentence 3 years' supervision, placed on Sex Offenders Register
News Article Wales Online
Police investigating a murder committed by Siree's scumbag son stumbled across 138 indecent images on his computer, leading to Siree senior's own appearance before the beak, although not for the first time; in 2001 he was found not guilty of raping and indecently assaulting a 14-year-old girl, jurors also acquitted him of three charges of sexual assault on a 12-year-old girl.

Name Mark SLEMAN a.k.a. Archie SLEMAN a.k.a. Archie SLIMAN a.k.a. Stuart HOLMES a.k.a. Mark HOLMES
Organisation English Defence League
Conviction Kidnap and sexual assault
Victim Age 10
Sentence 9 years' imprisonment
News Article The Independent
Since his 1994 child kidnapping conviction, Mark/Stuart/Archie Holmes/Sleman/Sliman (delete as appropriate) has gone on to commit armed robbery and was the subject of a police manhunt in 2013 when he went on the run from a bail hostel.

Name James Andrew SWINDLEHURST
Organisation North West Infidels
Conviction 13 charges of rape and indecent assault
Victim Age Under 16
Sentence 20 years
News Article BBC
This sick scumbag bought sweets to gain the trust of his "vulnerable" victims before repeatedly attacking them over a five-year period beginning in the late 1990s.

Name Carl TOFTS
Organisation English Defence League
Conviction Making and distributing indecent images of children
Victim Age Various
Sentence 2 years and 8 months
News Article ITV
A search warrant was carried out in June 2016 after police received information that someone at Toft's address was accessing indecent images of children via the internet. He was arrested again in January 2017 by Norfolk Police for similar offences and, in November 2018, he was charged with making and distributing indecent images of children and possession of more than 2,500 images and videos ranging from the most serious category A to category C which were found on his devices.

Name Trevor VINSON
Organisation Britain First, English Defence League, Knights Templar International
Conviction Sexual assault, making child pornography
Victim Age 3
Sentence 21 years
News Article Llanelli Herald, South Wales Guardian, WalesOnline
Vile Vinson filmed himself sexually abusing a toddler, only to be shopped to the police by the girl's grandmother, the footage subsequently being found his horrified girlfriend when she found the mobile phone he'd hidden in a vacuum cleaner.

Name Andrew Paul WELLS
Organisation British National Party
Conviction Sexual activity with a child, sexual activity in the presence of a child
Victim Age 14
Sentence 2 years and 3 months
News Article Lancashire Telegraph
Together with fellow BNP filth Ian Hindle (see above) Wells was put behind bars in 2008 for having sex with 14 year old girls after photos taken by him came to the attention of the mother of one of the girls.

Organisation English Defence League
Conviction Abduction
Victim Age 15
Sentence 10 months imprisonment suspended for 2 years, 18 month restraining order, 10 year sexual harm prevention order
News Article Daily Mirror
Lincolnshire EDL leader Whiteside campaigned against child grooming gangs, only to himself end up convicted of abducting a fifteen-year-old girl. He only escaped an immediate sentence because he'd spent six weeks on remand.

Name Matthew Stephen Raymond WOODWARD
Organisation English Defence League, Combined ex-Forces
Conviction Possession of indecent images of children
Victim Age 10 to 15
Sentence £700 fine, 120 hours' community service, 5 years on Sex Offenders Register
News Article Daily Post
EDL fan and CxF Deeside leader Woodward lost his job at the Airbus factory after news of his convictions (both criminal and personal) came to light.